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Mukhopadhyay earned a BS with honors in Mathematics, an MS in Applied Mathematics, an M.Phil in Physical Sciences, a PhD in Applied Mathematics, and a PhD in Statistics. His first thesis was titled 'Some Problems of Statistical Mechanics (Foundations) From Abstract Standpoint', University of Calcutta, India, and his second thesis was titled 'Asymptotic Normality - A Bayesian Approach', LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia. 

Mukhopadhyay's experience staying in different parts of the world has had a huge impact on him and he's been greatly inspired by the many people who struggle to live a full life and are suffering without proper education. His mission statement, 'For a Better Life In This Lifetime' really speaks to the demands that people will ultimately find time and scope to enlighten themselves in their own space and thus continue his legacy.

The recipient of a University Grants Commission scholarship for his M.Phil and a post graduate scholarship for his PhD studies, Mukhopadhyay served as Editor for News Bulletin and Council Member for Calcutta Mathematics Society in India. He is also the author of a self-improvement/motivational book based on mathematics and statistics, entitled 'Bayesian Methods in Software Testing', which is scheduled to be published soon.

Dr. Salilesh Mukhopadhyay, President and Chief Executive Officer of Feasible Solutions, LLC, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional and admired and respected by his peers and students worldwide. 

Founded in 1998, Feasible Solution, Inc. was Dr. Salilesh Mukhopadhyay's first business in the United States before being dissolved and renamed Feasible Solution LLC in 2008. As President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization, his main responsibility is to design and develop new courses, such as 'Feasibility Study For Small Business' and 'Testing Strategy For Large Financial/Merchandising Enterprise'.

"Prior to coming to the United States, I worked as a Statistical Consultant for Technisearch and Key Center for Statistical Sciences (KCSS) in Melbourne, Australia," Mukhopadhyay said. "The expertise that have contributed to my work today have been based on my studies in India and Australia, as well as my education. While teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Indian, Australian, and American universities, I've also created my own teaching philosophy that is the crux of my professional expertise."