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We all know that the "Recession" is inevitable! Let's face it! The economic setback in every aspect of life is unavoidable. People are to go through extreme measures to bounce back. But always remember that

RECESSIONS are time to reinvent yourself!
RECESSIONS are when the river of life abruptly finds a new direction!
RECESSIONS are where new levels of RESILIENCE and BRILLIANCE are found!

"UNEMPLOYMENT" is a reality. So one has to find new ways to engage in a profitable carrier! It could be totally different from your past endeavors. It needs lot of courage to venture into an altogether new discipline or even starting a small business. Yes! There will be plenty of people venturing into newer business plans. And we have seen that in the past.

STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS is not that easy! People think if I sale something people will definitely buy the service or product. But it's not easy. You need to draft a solid BUSINESS PLAN. If possible you are to explore the feasibility study for a small business.

Endeavorers will eventually be successful but may not be at the first try. And you are to remember "Try! Try Again!" Failures are pillars of success. And don't try to find a SCAPEGOAT-THE GOAT UPON WHOSE HEAD AARON SYMBOLICALLY LAID THE SINS OF THE PEOPLE ON THE DAY OF ATONEMENT, AFTER WHICH IT WAS LED AWAY INTO THE WILDERNESS! JUST OWN IT!





Now we concentrate on the fourth topic to be discussed in the first article: 4.When the normalcy will come after recovery from this pandemic:COVID-19101! To be precise this "New Normal" will be starkly different from our everyday life before this pandemic. It's not just switching ON or OFF a mode of life. It is a gradual process to get used to the new rules to live a life. People has to learn "NAMASKAR" the Indian (HINDU) greetings or just make eye contact with a mask on and raise their hands! There will not be a public gathering in large stadiums! Games may be played with spectators abiding by the social distancing rules. All in all life will be totally different from the way we used to live.

The economic recovery may be "V"- shaped but it could turn to "U"- shape too! The year 2021 can bring some relief from the economic stress of common people. Immediately the prediction on economy round the world is three times of Socio-economic vulnerability and four times Income loss.But as I mentioned in my book entilted "JUST GET A BETTER LIFE" [AVAILABLE IN iTUNE book store for $9.99] "CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO YOUR CLOTH" ! Always lay by some money for future needs. That's the golden rule of life. If you have saved enough already you have earned your retirement. Don't just wait for the Social Security Administration to tell you that. As soon as you have reached the age of fifty nine and a half you are eligible to withdraw tax free from your Roth Individual Retirement Accounts. Make it 4% withdrawal for 25 oncoming years! or 5% withdrawal for 20 oncoming years. The decision is yours! In depth research before a financial investment can bring a lifetime of steady income and the economic stability for the best life! As you sow so you reap!!!




International Cuisines!


How food helps people to open up and enjoy the moment in time. Even a medium sized potato chips in hand will make the conversation going. And that's life! It happened to me on several occasions in cruises for an hour or so either on the Danube river or Rhine Mein in Frankfurt. 
That's the reason when I started writing my recipes under the ensuing book title "DR. SAL's RECIPES"! Here you will find about finger foods and ready to eat fruits like banana, apple, pears, mango, Kiwi, cherry and grapes etc.
Then comes the chapter on single pot/pan dishes which needs only one container to cook including different pressure cooker recipes.
Next you encounter two pots/pans or fryer based recipes.
Lastly the cook book covers different deserts.
Please look forward for the cook book to be published. # #nutrition #Vegan#healthyfood




Recently we are seeing Lessons learned from South Korea, Lessons Learned from Singapore, Lessons learned from Italy, Lessons learned from New Zealand and so on!

Actually what did we learn??? We learned nothing and basically the death toll in New Jersey is still 250 and above per day! With the opening of the sandy beaches of New Jersey and not making the mask mandatory I think more and more people will be sick! The cost benefit analysis of economics is simple! Allow people to get a test, specially test the health care workers repeatedly! Eventually the recent package has a provision of 25 Billion Dollar for testing and that's not enough! It could easily exceed 100 Billion for testing 330 m illion Americans!

When HIV/AIDS was in full swing I was in Melbourne with the Key Center For Statistical Sciences (KCSS) at La Trobe University. We designed the "Compartmental Model" for Infectious deseases and AZT was implemented to remedy the pandemic. Nothing to panic. But surely CORONAVIRUS: COVID-19 is not a simple flue! As mr. Bolsanaro of Brazil and Mr. Donald Trump are suggesting ignoring Dr. Anthony Faucci the World Renowned Epidemiologist with Congrssional Medal of Honor and served several United States Presidency! Who the hell is Dr. Rand Paul, a Senator to contradict or challenge him. Empty vessels sound much!!!!

Lack of leadership in this time of crisis will be written in history! Times wasted is the cause of so many deaths! Arrogant Mr. Trump should put the mask IMMEDIATELY1 Otherwise people should avoid his company!! A country is in crisis and the leader is so obstinate that makes the situation worst! Please keep the social distancing guidelines and put your mask on! It will ultimately save lives!



The Outline of the Course

This course provides a hands-on approach to combat the present pandemic. It will help students to get a better life.

After over forty years of teaching, research and consultancy in different continents I have come to this conclusion that people will always strive for a better life provided they have found their inner happiness-- the true "ANANDAM".

Life is a compendium of choices. While we can choose our own action by applying mathematical and statistical techniques with rigor, WE CANNOT CONTROL the consequences of our choices. As it is stated in BHAGABAT GITA: "Karmanyevo adhikaris te, ma phaleshu kadachana" [Chapter 2:47; YOGA OF KNOWLEDGE] meaning "Let not the longing for results be the motive force of your action".

The purpose of life is to elevate you each day from the realization of the previous day. Lord Sri Ramkrishna used to say on the existence of God: "You see many stars in the sky at night but not when the sun rises. Can you therefore say that there are no stars in the heavens during the day ? O man! Because you cannot find God in the days of your ignorance, says not that there is no God.

There are pearls in the deep sea, but you must hazard all perils to get them. If you fail to get at them by a single dive, do not conclude that the sea is without them. Dive again and again, and you are sure to be rewarded in the end. So also in the quest for the Lord, if the first attempt to see Him or Her proves futile, do not lose heart."

Just in scientific experiments you are to go to a laboratory to verify the truth here in your daily life you are to practice meditation and charge the "CHAKRAS". A step-by-step guide will be provided in this course to achieve the ultimate truth which according to UPANISHAD: "Satyong Jnanmonantong Brahma" meaning "He is the truth, otherwise there is no truth in the world"; He is the knowledge, whatever you learn in this life is his knowledge". And remember "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER".

More precisely His truth is our truth and his happiness (ANANDAM) is our happiness:'Ko Heybanyath Koh Pranyath Jadesho Akasho Anado na Syat" meaning ' no one can maintain the body, no one would be alive if there is no joy in the firmanent'. And that's why we say "EVERYTHING ORIGINATES FROM ANANDAM": "Anandodhyobo Khalyimani Bhutani Sarbani Jayonte; Anandeno Jatani Jibonti; Anadang Prayanto Abhsong Bishonti". These multiverses are full of transcendental joy {ANANDAM] and every life is being born from that and ultimately dies in the domain of transcendental joy.


How could consolidating accounts help saving interest from different credit cards/ Lenders ?
How to take care of your health with the healthcare system ?
How to make right decisions when you have limited income ?
When the normalcy will come after recovery from this recession ?
Lessons learnt from the previous epidemics.

This Course is based on "Just Get A Better Life" By Dr. Salilesh Mukhopadhyay [Available in iTune stores; USD 9.99].