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For a Better Life in this Lifetime

​​​​​​1.    Elementary Statistical Techniques In Data Analysis 

       Paperback – June 30, 2008

       by Dr. Salilesh Mukhopadhyay (Author & Illustrator)

2.    Mathematics, Religion and Ethics - An Epistemological Study

       Paperback – 2010

       by Dr. Salilesh Mukhopadhyay (Author)

3.    Collected Works in Bengali by Dr Salilesh Mukhopahyay:

                Volume 1:        Shwetanger Deshe - 2010

                Volume 2:        Majhe Majhe Mone Hoye ( I Imagine at Irregular Intervals) - 2016

                Volume 3:        Shesh Namoskar (The Last Salute)  - December 2019

4.    Just Get A Better Life: Life as Seen Through the Lenses of Mathematics and Statistics 

       Paperback – April 28, 2016

       by Dr Salilesh Mukhopadhyay (Author)

  • Just Get A Better Life by Dr. Salilesh Mukhopadhyay is a compendium of several sections and chapters providing the       guidelines to better one's life even after a life crisis! Life as seen through the lenses of Mathematics and Statistics is reflected through the frustration at times for not being able to secure a tenure -track Full Professorship in American Universities. Proud enough to serve the Department of Defense, US ARMY as a Sr. Principal Specialist and being part of brokerage farms like Paine-Webber, Inc; UBS, CSFB Direct and Business to Business architecture for raw material acquisition and at last with IBM as Sr. Test Manager. Read it-- Absorb it and apply it whenever you can.